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The Birth of SI

Why do some peeps hate SI? Where to start? Ok, in the beginning…

What the Spawner Inc Community now knows to be SI was born out of the the True Brit Faction. Back in June of ’02 we were all faction fighting, then on or around July 4th ’02, OSI released Pub 16 and spawn site’s were born. Back then, our original plan was to do some spawning, get some PS’s, then go rock the PvP world, however, somewhere along the way we got lost. (Spawning was much more fun the factioning). We soon realized that our PvPers sucked at spawning and worse, most of us had under developed PvM’ers. (At the time, no one had 120 Provo). By the end of August all but a few of us were spawning 100 percent of the time and factioning zero, however, the few that were still factioning were becoming a little bitter about the lack of help they were receiving from the peeps that wanted to spawn 24/7. Along the way the uoam was transformed from a faction map to a PvM map and other factioners that felt as we did were invited to join (ie, peeps from other factions). Obviously this created friction with out old TB chums and one of our former faction guildmates, Antichrist (who was a very fast skull looter), felt that he and his contingent would spawn harrowers when they wanted to without inviting the rest of the UOAM group. This did not sit well with the rest of the group and Anti and his gang were removed from our UOAM. After this they started to camp our spawns and fight us at every opportunity.

It took time, but eventually we were able to stand against them and thrive. Out of this ‘fight’ the original UOAM rules were born. 2 of them -All Spawns are Private- and -All skulls belong to the group-. Were critical to our early success. (And Problems) After Anti’s departure, all Harrower spawns were planned for when the most peeps could make it and we made sure that everyone in our group new about the plan well ahead of time.

So, after about 3 painful months of fighting, Anti finally got bored and pretty much moved on, back in the day, we only really had 1 red (Darkdrow) and most of the PKing fell on his shoulders. Pre-Aos, anyone that died on a dungeon server was booted for 20 mins. Interesting times were these. Sadly, there would be no extended peace for us as H2O decided that it would be much more fun to hunt and pk spawners then it would be to hunt and spawn with them. (Our 2nd big rift) As big and bad as H2O was and could be, they simply did not have the single mindedness that Anti possessed and soon they were nothing more then a minor irritation.

Around this time -Late Jan, early Feb- someone got the bright idea that Cypher could use some help running the group and our first council was conceived (though it would be another 2 1/2 months before it was actually created)

Ok, enough already, where did all these enemies come from?

Oh yeah, sorry, I got sidetracked with background. Obviously we had Anti and whoever was in his crew still nosing around and bothering us, we had the remnants of H2O (ALL Former Mapets -Gleam-Punisher-TommyGuy-Fizbin-Pyraxian) who were also still hunting us from time to time, but we also had some discontented Mapets.

1st up was Will Avengm, Currently posting as “The Jakal Sir”. Will was one of those peeps (with us from the start) that seemed to need special attention, worse, as time wore on he was increasingly discontented about the PS’s he received. One day he would get a plus 20 blacksmith, then the next he would complain that he never got good PS’s… Mostly, I find that Mapets do not appreciate that kind of talk, especially when the person doin the complaining is getting PS’s at spawns and they are not. Will was removed for inactivity in early April of ’03, around the same time that our first council was coming together. Mystical Madness, Moonshine and Silk were all original members of that Council.

2nd Up was Bishop (friend of Wills) For those that don’t know or don’t remember Bishop, well he is the one that has created the guild known as S1 or Sl (hard to tell for certain, but sure looks like SI) Back in late April/Early May of ’03 Bishop finally used up all his straw (…Taken from ‘the straw that broke the camels back’…) and I used my CEO powers to boot him out of SI. Certainly, if I had it to do over again, I would have taken a different approach, however I was new to this whole “Council” thing and basically handled him the way I would have handled him pre-council. Now, some members of SI and certainly some members of council disagreed with my removal of Bishop and there was much gnashing of teeth to say the least. In the end, though, Mystical Madness, her husband RIP, Silk, Breezie, her husband Jerik and perhaps 1 or 2 others left SI (Oh yeah, Council formed the SI guildstone just before this happened)

See how our list of enemies just grew? Parallel to this event, a red group known to us as “Killians Crew” has started to raid our spawns. (We so Owned them) This group included Souless, Killian, Mystra, Six Feet Under, Rhianna, Dark Messiah and a few others that I cant think of off of the top of my head. During this time, SI still had very few reds, so Fabian and Moonshine suggested recruiting Dark Messiah and Souless into SI. (Yes this went south) There were simply too many bad feelings between our Mapets and Souless for this recruitment to work. Honestly though, I’m certain a group of our pvpers were having to much fun beating up the only real red force on the shard. Meanwhile, other things were cooking on the back burner. From the Launch of AoS til the end of July, SI routinely did 2 harrowers back to back every week. Obviously I was at each and every one of them, and Until the end of May, I was always there as a tamer. Now, back in the day, pre pub 19, Tamers attacking the harrower could get anywhere from Zero to Six PS’s and it was not unheard of to pull as many as 3 25′s from one spawning. Now, during the period between the AoS launch and the End of may I sold about 16 25′s on Ebay. (Note to ALL, I have not sold any items on Ebay since about June, in fact, I recently bought some gold) At any rate, Will Avengm dug up my Ebay info, passed it onto RIP who then posted it under the Public Forum detailing about how the only way I could have gotten so many to sell was to have stolen them from SI. (not good for me). Obviously, its virtually impossible for me to prove that I have not done this. However, there it is. (Note to all, Pre Christmas ’02 Q was pretty much the one and only protector as I started and ran virtually ever spawn that we did (no skull leaders back then). 1 H2O, Gleam, also claimed that I was stealing PS’s, Im assuming he claimed this because we so rarely pulled 20 Mageries or 20 EIs’. Fortunately, starting in January, others started protecting and to my great relief, they also rarely if ever pulled 20 Magerys or 20 EI’s. (whew) Its no fun to be accused when its impossible to prove your innocence, I can tell you that for nothing. Now, not to get too off track, but while this was going on, Midian had joined our little group and offered us a Stratics Interview (Im sure its under news somewhere). Well, talk about throwing gas on the ole fire. Most of our ‘enemies’ that read it claimed that is was bullshit, no such rose colored world could exist in UO. Obviously, Digi saw it and went off the deep end and immediately became our biggest camper/hunter/griefer. Please note, at this time, we still had very few reds and only used them to defend OUR Harrowers (Yes, the rest of Baja calls them “Public”, we just happen to disagree) Before we knew it we had Digi/SL/M&D teamed up with $c$ (Including Bishop and company) hunting us full time. These were dark times for us as we never had to defend ourselves on such a large scale before. It became necessary for us to really develop our PvP’s and our Skills in this area, also, as a form of retaliation, we started to hunt there spawns as well. You see, all we ever really wanted was to spawn in peace and would have no PK’s at all if peeps would just leave us alone.

Ok. We are about to go from bad to worse. Someone sponsored or maybe he just applied on his own an H2O member. Now it had been some months since we really had any H2O troubles and all of the ones that had troubled us were no longer in H2O. So, we figured, why not give him a shot? Error. At any rate, it was Lil Trev/Dritz, and he brought with him Dalmar. Now both claimed they would join SI after probation, that never happened, soon Dameon Lacoric was on the map (Bigger Error) and a little group of them hooked up on our first voice server and then they started to hunt off the map. (Ie, do there own little thing outside of the SI community) Which to me was like, we will be on the map when we Need something from SI and we will be off it when we dont need anything. This didnt sit well with me or council and the rule was ‘formalized’ requiring peeps to participate on the map whenever playing UO. Soon after (That day I think) Drizt, Dalmar, Essence, Flameon, Tianna, Dameon (did I miss some?) all left SI and took our main ally at the time (M!S) with them. So, there you have it. H2O was now hunting us, M!S was hunting us, Digi/SL/M&D were hunting us as well as $c$ and any other upstart PK’s that were around at the time (This would be July/Aug). Good news for us is that C started to crumble in early September. The bad news is they now exist as TT, PBH and C. (ooops) As well, Drizt has converted all the ‘old’ SI’s into H2O and they can now bring some serious numbers into play, add this to the fact that all the reds have allied against us and you can see where things are not so rosy atm.

So, to sum it all up, the peeps that hate us the worse are all old SI members or recruits (Souless) with one glaring exception. Digi. Unfortunately, Digi is either completely clueless as to how SI actually operates (According to him, you are all my little minions who work to make me millions on E-Bay. Hmm. When can we start doing THAT? icon_smile.gif ) or he just doesn’t like us and will make up any lies he requires to turn peeps against us. In another area, his discussion of our exploitation, he is sadly mistaken, back in the day we did use candlesticks to block access to our harrower spawns, however, at the time though, OSI did not say one way or the other if it was legal or not. (Think about Digi and all the candlesticks he uses at SL faction HQ). At any rate, Rial did call a GM who did declare that you may not block access to ‘areas’ IE Dungeon servers. So we have stopped using them even though we were never sanctioned for doing so. Personally, I don’t think OSI would ever step in and ban anyone for doing it unless they actually caught you red handed. Outside of that, I can not think of a single thing we do that could be considered an exploit.

Now, because we have been forced to play reds (For defense and to attack enemy spawns) We have inadvertently made enemies of those who would have been our allies. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about that, SI will continue as it has in the past. All our spawns will continue to be private spawns and we will use every resource’s are available to defend ourselves.

That about sums it up, I hope I have shed some light on why peeps ‘hate’ us so much (Former members that we removed or pushed out)

Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc

How Did You Choose Your UO Name?

Oct 12/03

Hi all my uo name is Ozzy,why? because Ozzy is my idol of rock and roll music so i figured would be a cool nick to have on uo.Just wondering whay you all picked your uo names and for a reason or just sounds cool Lets hear some stories behind the reason of the nicks we have created on uo

Oct 12/03

OK, I’ll bite.

Badola Blazo: This was going to be my “bad guy” (though it didn’t turn out that way) and I wanted a name to reflect that. There are three different sources for this amalgamation. The first was Boris Badenov (the villain from Rocky & Bullwinkle), which provided the initials ‘BB’, and also provided the ‘Bad’. Next was an old friend in my home town that made some bad decisions and is now serving around 16 years in San Quentin. His last name is Lamendola, which provided me with the ‘dola’. Lastly, I’m a bit of a horseracing fan and one of my favorites was a cheap thoroughbred named Blaze O’ Brien. That provided the ‘Blaz’. I ended up with Bad dola Blaz o. (I now have a character Blaze O’Brien).

Bozz: The pseudonym of Charles Dickens (Boz) with an extra Z. I like CD but always felt he was missing a letter.

Calico Jack: Nickname of John Rackham, a small time pirate in the west indies (mostly). Contemporary of Blackbeard, Calico Jack attacked mostly fishing vessels; noteworthy that he had 2 women in his crew (disguised as men). Player was created with Piracy in mind; hence the magery and archery he uses today.

Lion Heart: My first character. Created in a rush immediately after watching Braveheart.

Blaze O’brien: See above.

Raven Blakken: Named after a friends daughter (Raven Blaze). I wanted a female character to wear that nice female armor I had been accumulating. Another character with sights on the dark side.

Oct 12/03

This is actually short for Tolaren, which came from a Magic the Gathering card. I was looking for a unique name, mainly for all the RPG’s I play. I actually made a character named Tolaren on the first shard I tired on UO(Pacific) and well he died pretty quick(think he’s still a ghost wandering around inbetween Brit and Yew lol). Did the same with my first character on Baja, who also died rather quick and was not set up the way I like and just wanted to start over from scratch, but was under the impression that you could not have the same name for your characters.

Nothing special here, just a name I like.

Was and maybe still will be my T hunter(its short for Indiana Jones)

This one is in respect for my grandfather. Arthur is a smith/tailor/tinker and my grandfather could build anything(in fact he built my grandparents 3 story brick house, 10 horse stable barn, and could fix or repair just about anything).

Black Widow
This is one my friend made on my account. About six months before I joined spawners I had quit playing UO. As I have never been a ebayer I was just going to let OSI delete my account whenever they got around to it, but my friend in his infinite wisdom knew I would want to come back to this game so he took it over for until I was ready to come back

Oct 13/03

Osgiliath & Tom Bombadil Both these names i took from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ books. Osgiliath is a town within the books and Tom was a crazy man who was considered the ‘master’ of the woods.

Ogar No idea where i came up with this name but ive used this name sence my beginning of online gaming.

Sebatzan got of ‘Little Mermaid’, just liked that char in the cartoon

my other chars names i have no idea how or my i came up with them

Oct 13/03

I was talking on the telephone with my former guilmaster who worked as the assistant manager in a farm supply business in Georgia. He said one day this old man came in wearing baggy overalls and greeted everyone with “Hello Ladies!” All the regulars looked around and one piped up with “Ain’t no ladies here” to which the old man responded “well I figuire that if you dont have at least 12 inches of c*ck then you’re a lady” and proceeded to make his manhood peak out the top of his bib overalls. This man’s name was William Meads.
So back in these days my wife played as well so we had her create a newby female char and named her Joy Meads and she went to Ocllo bank looking for our gm.When he appeared she played up the newby role and asked him for his help and being the good man he was he spent several hours a night for about a week totally unsuspecting and making no connection until she finally said to him one night “there is somebody I would like you to meet” and I had created a char named William Meads and when he came “onscreen” our GM about died laughing
So if you happen to see either William or Joy Meads give em a tip of the hat.

Harry Hood
Oct 13/03

Harry Hood is a song written by trey anastasio of phish. He wrote the music for the song when phish was living next to a harry hood milk factory. Some years later, they finished the lyrics, which there are not many of, and named the song Harry Hood.

Oct 13/03

Mikas: I think I have told some of you where i got this name from.. My ex-coworker (Canadian) speaks Ukrainian (her parents were from there) and told me that my name real life name, “Michael”, is called “Mikas = pronounced Me-Khas” in Ukrainian. I love the way she said my name so when I started to play UO, I named my character with that name

Michael: read above

George Bush: I supported Bush senior so I named my chr after him.. When I created this chr 3 yrs ago, there were 4 other George Bush on baja. But now, I am the ONLY one left I love playing this chr since I would get so many reactions from ppl at the tram brit bank. I remember many ppl would give me free horses and stuff or they would bow to me and wished me well.. I also received ton of negative reactions from ppl which I will not discuss here.

Palindrome: I wanted a unique name that noone had. And since my first (short version of Michael) and my last name when written down is a palindrome, I thought it would be cool to call myself that.

PCR: This name is unique since not too many ppl knows what this is.. It’s a abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It’s a process where small area or piece of DNA or cDNA gets amplified many times over. Nope! I have nothing to do with Kary Mullis (he won the nobel prize back in 1993 for his invention of PCR method) but I have been employing his PCR methodology since 1990 with my ongoing research.[/b]

Oct 13/03

My main characters are all named after family members

Donald II – Me
Donald Edward – Me
Syndie – wifey
Amanda Sue – my baby
Suzie – from Amanda’s middle name

Oct 13/03

The “Fatman: legacy of characters had actually been around way before I played UO. I started my computer playing with Half Life/Counter Strike/ Star Craft. My original name was Slim (since thats what I am) yet it wasnt my thing. Next I picked Vegeta (for dragonball Z) yet that wasnt original so i dropped that. So to make fun of a fat friend of mines I called myself fatman. Then the name just stuck. My friends and I would go to LAN parties and just about every server and I had that name. LoL My favorite question “Are you really Fat”? LoL I just laugh

Oct 13/03

Merilonna I accually get most of my names in game from a fantasy name generator. So being as it may, i scrolled down the lists, and found this name, and found it suiting
Nightmare I orginally made Nightmare, when T2A first came out, and they had spawned Nightmares. I was in love with them, and back than i had no tamer, so i guess it was just fitting to have my warrior named Nightmare

Precia Ok, this is a very funny story, i was with my mother at her best friends house, and we were talking about dogs, because i love animals, and she has this little toy poddle named Precia, and i just thought the name was a very pretty and gentle name

Shaylee Ok, for anyone who watches Sex and the City.. You should know this. My favorite character Charlotte dream baby name is Shaylee. You just have to see the episode to understand.

Raewien This was accually intended to be a theif character, because when you just look at the name, it looks a little evil. But instead, i opt’ed to become a gm cook, so i could make savage kin paint.

Pritty in Pink
Oct 13/03

My Brother named all the chars accept for adam and i named him adam cuz hes a thief and my friend in rl is known to steal things and his name is adam so that is why i named him that

Oct 13/03

Syphon Raven: I no longer have this character anymore, but long ago when I first started was around the time Syphon Filter just came out, I didn’t love the game but thought Syphon was cool, and I just loved Ravens so the name sort of came together.

Ivan: Just was thinking Ivan was neat, like Ivan the Terrible or something.

Legion: My bard from my 3rd account, no longer have that account, named him after a character in the Steven King book THE STAND (GREAT BOOK).

Fantomu Negatibu: I was just brainstorming names one night and came up with Phantom Negative, which is now my AIM name. Later found out my name in Japanese was Fantomu Negatibu whiched I decided to use for my pk.

Raven God: Name of my first dexer on the shard, to go along with the Raven thing. Used to be a nice townie back in the day.

Son of Blood: My original thief, later turned pk when I joined Pumpkins of Death, just thought the name was cool.

Loki: Just liked the name, second theif.

Oct 14/03

When I was first introduced to the internet I was intrigued by the mysterious nature of it. Who knows what type of person is on the other end of the keyboard!! You can be anything you want when you are online… a babe, an intellect, a knight in shining armour.

I chose to be Mysterious

Oct 14/03

Talmin – my crafter – a DnD character name generator

Vo’Lan – a pally now – my original character – wanted an unusual name so that was it

Xander – my daughter liked it then the movie came out – We have 2 of the Xanders on Baja – I have the tamer and my daughter took over the necro mage I had started when AoS came out

Volya – my bard/mage – origionally my oldest daughters character which came from the book Sheepfarmer’s Daughter – it was the only character i had originally that could spawn so thats why every one knows me as Volya

Kazia – my oldest daughter liked the name for her character and now my other daughter has taken it over since my oldest has moved out got married – my daughter has 2 characters named this the older acount is the swords mage (thinking of taking it over and making it red) and a tamer on our new acount

Oct 14/03

ya…my name came sorta in the same way Mysts did….back in 95 when we first got online….we went where most people go….chatrooms….the room was a rp room…lots of vampires an knights an such….the group I started to hang with were mostly vampires….so I had to have a vampire name…only female vamp I could think of was..from the only soap I ever watched….Angelique from Dark Shadows..(ya..I remember running home after to school to watch it)…..anyways…it wasn;t long before someone else decided to use the name also….After a few weeks of constatly having to explain actions…or lack there of…(wasn’t me…but the other Angelique)….I decided I needed a more unigue name….Bout that time…my son was heavy into Power Rangers an the first movie had come out…he had to have it…so I sat down an watched it with him….In the movie there is a charater named Darcia…a warrior who watches over animals….I had never heard the name before an thought….HHHmmm…so I did a search on the name….an found that there is also a Darcia…in D&D…an elven warrior….Lover of fantasy an animales that I am….that seemed to fit….so I started using the name….registered it at the chat site I used regularly….so no one could use it an cause the problems that had happened prior…when I came to UO…I just carried the charater over into the game….To this day…I have only known of 2 people with the actual name…of Darcia…one left a mesg on my website….an the other….I met while at work….so the name is still very unique…

Jilena…I always liked names that were different….I saw this name written on something at the mall one day…an thought….it was kewl…so made a charater around the name

Staryn…is a variation of my cousin an best friends name…that I have always thought was a great name

Aurora….I have a nice collection of Tudor Mint….Myth& Magic studies….Aurora was one of the most rare pieces in the collection….as it was an exhibition only piece signed by the author….it was also my favorite….the story about the great golden dragon..Aurora.. in the Dragonlance series…sealed the name choice..

Kellin Nightstar….actually…I just made it up one day when I needed the bank box space….

Oct 14/03

Rumsfeld- Rums is my pure mage, and was created before George Dubyah was elected…I just remembered the name from one of Kissinger’s books and liked it…but now that the real life Rumsfeld has killed so many people i decided to make him my red.

Hemorrhage- My dexxer, the first character i ever created…being a total noob I wanted peeps to think I was a hardass hehe so I took this name.

One Wolf- My pure bard, created before pub 16 when Bards owned Baja. I went everywhere with him and killed everything with him and did it alone. You old skool tv goers out there may remember Lenny from “Laverne and Shirley” had “One Wolf” sewn onto his jacket until Laverne gave him one of her trademark L’s which he quickly sewed on his jacket to make it “Lone Wolf”!!

Smitty- My Blacksmith. What else are you supposed to name them?

Caligula- My thief. Caligula was the Roman Emporer Gaius Caesar. What an evil bastard. Good name tho imho.

Amra- My fence/parry mage. I wanted to name him Conan cause I loved the old comics…but there are a few Conans out there…or were…so I took Conan’s nickname Amra, which according to the comic means “Lion”.

a senile old man- My tailor, I just liked havind stuff crafted by a senile old man.

Sahara- I let my girlfriend make a tamer and she took this name.

Valdez is Coming- My necro who i never play or train. It’s the title of a great book by Elmore Leonard, and I thought the name would look cool if you saw it heading towards you from off screen, big bold red “Valdez is Coming.”

Morgan La Fey
Oct 14/03

Guendoloena – My very first, and most beloved character, now a Paladin/Swordswoman. I think at one time she had every skill imaginable on her until I figured out you had to specialize. I chose it because it had connections to two of my favorite things – anything Celtic and the Arthurian legand. It is the name of a Celtic goddess and some legands have her as the wife of Merlin.

Morgan La Fey – Evil sorceress and a thorn in Arthur’s side or the Queen of Avalon…either way I thought it was a good name for a mage.

Ophelia – Not one of Shakespeare’s stronger female characters, but I’ve always thought it was a pretty name. Since she died by drowning, I thought it would be a fitting name for my fisherman. She pretty quickly picked up GM fencing and I used to have a lot of fun killing the jerks on the docks who thought a fisherman was an easy kill!

Francesca Fiore – Bad girl/tramp from Kids in the Hall – I figured it would be a good name for a thief.

Faye Valentine – I was looking for a good name for a female ‘red’ and my boyfriend suggested Faye, a bounty hunter in Cowboy Bebop. I’m still working her skills up, but you should see her out there soon in the PvP ranks.

of the Knight – She is my Elder Smith and I still need to work on getting her ‘Lady’ title…. I just want to be able to put that maker’s mark on weapons/armour.

Lorelei – Legand has it that her song had a mystical power that led sailor’s and their boats onto the rocks. Seemed like a good name for a bard.

Oct 15/03

Midian- Wanted something kind of dark for my 1st mage, was watching “Nightbreed”, Midian was the underground city where the monsters lived, they were all outcasts, figured would be fitting.

Angelus- I love Buffy (she’s the goods) Angel on Buffy was pretty cool too, his full name is Angelus, and I was in Avenging Angels at the time, so it fit.

Nai’Dim- Midian backwards, was going to be evil Mid when I created him.

D’raven- The crow is one of my fav movies, changed his name a bit, thought it was cool for a necro. He was going to be a RP vampire type char, most my RP friends have moved on, so now he’s just a pk necro/mage.

Markos- Just created him couple weeks ago, wanted a name that was simple and NPCish, hopped around a bit till I saw an NPC name I liked, saw Marko added the S and he was born.

Oct 15/03

Rizzo – Joe Rizza is the name of a Ford dealer that used to advertise a lot on TV in Chicago. I thought that name had a magical air to it. I changed the a to an o to make it sound more masculine. At that time, I was not aware that Rizzo was a character in Grease and also a character on MASH. Years later when I created my first treasure hunter, I wanted people to recognize that he was played by me so I named him T H Rizzo. Kind of like T H Lawrence with the T H standing for treasure hunter. I liked that naming convention so when I created a tamer, he, of course, became A T Rizzo.

Orrin Mishovel – a miner back on Drachenfels. I never played him much but I always had to chuckle at my play on words. Yes, I’m easily amused.

piers (no capital p) – my gagic user/scribe on Drachenfels. Piers Anthony is an author who churns out a lot of books, some of them great, others terrible. Any way, I was reading his Battle Circle book about a post holocost world of fighters who dueled for their names and honor. It was one of his best books so I named my scribe after him.

Fooman – although I use this character as my merchant, he was created by a friend. I would change his name if it was cheaper.

Ashen Sugar
May 24/04

Homer Simpson … yeah it´s kinda gay because my dad made his very first chr Bart so I figured… Im the son so I´ll be the dad now?

Night Hawk …. The guy who got us hooked on UO, back when we started on Pacific was named Blood Hawk… so I just liked the name…

Athena … Yeah I have no clue. Was a thug thief back in the day when you could attack somebody and hide in front of them.

Pinky… Was my first mage…not even 1x and could kill 7x.. I got it from Pinky and the Brain because I luff that cartoon.

a trammelite … yeah, everyone always called me a trammy in game so I found it fitting. He´s a swords mage that kills people…

Bismark … he was the mage-bard chr I was making before I left. I like bismark donuts.

Graydon Orcsbane … I liked the name, there was a guild on Pac that was ORK pure role playing freakish orc people… so I made a chr dedicated to killing them

Sour Grapes… if you´ve seen Strawberry Shortcake you´d know

May 30/04

Pyros was my original killer. On the bounty board for quite a while on GL, then remade on Baja. Pyros is a minion of the god of war, he controled an undead army and killed prettymuch anything in his path, so naturaly the name was suitable.

Hustler was one of those fame/karma based names that was going to be The Sinister Hustler and so on. Many people seem to do the “I’m a hustler baby, i just want you to know” from a Jay Z song i think it is.

Cleaning Lady was a meant to be PK that would of been nice to see up on the bounty boards, but soon after the char was created the bounty system was removed.

Pleiz Rezme self explanitory for a thief on a 56k connection.

Axis taken from a Jimmy Hendrix song Axis Bold as Love.

May 21/04

Optimus Primal: Growing up my favorite cartoon was Transformers. I could sit and watch them all day and night. Anyway, when I started playing UO I was looking for a name that fits my general personality. Optimus in the cartoon is honorable, honest, loyal, fair and always strives to be the best he can be. And the Optimus I have played in UO has been built on those virtues.

Ardeth Bey: Ever see the movie “The Mummy”? Not the old one but the more recent ones with Brendon Frazier? Well, Ardeth Bey is the leader of the Magi in modern times. The guy with those little tatoos on his face that teams up with Rick O’Connell to defeat the mummy. I just thought he was a cool character in that movie.

Ironhide: My mule character. Another Transformers character. Virtual second in command to Optimus Prime in the original series, he turned into a van. Was killed by Megatron in the Movie but even as he laid dying barely able to move he tried to stop Megatron, and died a noble death.

Quarter Pounder: My lumberjack/Fletcher. Bet you cant guess what I had just had for dinner when i created him.

Mixmaster Ron: Alchemist. My real life name is Ron, and this character mixes things and is a master at it. Mixmaster Ron

Bloodhound: One of my favorite music groups is The Bloodhound Gang. I was listening to them on CD when I created this character.

May 21/04

Random – Quite a while back, I was a part of a mailing list/board for one of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint, and the name I went by on the boards was Rand (shortened version of my name for my British friends on the list). One of the newer members on the list had just finished the Amber series by Roger Zelazny, and kept on calling me Random because they said the character in the book had similar interests/tastes (I think it was in reference to me being a drummer more than anything else). It just stuck from there and has been my avatar’s name on all online games since. This char was my original blacksmith, as I liked the play on words.

Morrolan – This was my first character (I still remember running him along the coast by Cove, looking for Morgan’s house just minutes after I created him… so long ago, but I digress…). A nod to my favorite character from a series from another one of my favorite authors, Steven Brust. This character was originally created to be a fencer/mage, but has pretty much been everything from a fencer to a bard during his existence.

Kadaji – A literary nod to a sci-fi character from the Matador series by Steve Perry. This character was originally my archer (if you have read the series and played an archer in UO, you’ll understand the joke), but has also changed professions.

Vurt – A literary reference to Jeff Noon’s book (many thanks to Morgan’s SO for bringing it to my attention). I have yet to have anyone in game recognize it, but I keep hoping. I really liked the idea of someone seeing “you are being attacked by Vurt!!” I highly recommend the book, as well.

Brand – Another Amberian reference (I kind of themed Amber on one account, as you can tell). Originally created to be my PK mage, this char eventually became my thug thief (I just knew he was evil).

Bleys – Yet another Amberian referenced char (remember the theme) created to be an alchemist for a week. He just stuck around.

Agyar – My mule (another inside joke, I guess), and another literary nod to Steven Brust. Great book.

Gully Foyle – Another sci-fi literary reference, but this time to my favorite Alfred Bestor novel, The Stars My Destination.

May 21/04

Vena Ruge~ my bard
one day I just went “uhm, V.. hmm e.. na! hey that works and Ruge I just took the O out for the definition of blushing! That name was given to my fresh new blue char on Seige 3 yrs ago after I deleted my red.. I wanted to sound sweet and innocent after killing and killing..hehehe
Ironic thing, Vena on Baja is now RED!

Lost Child~ my archer
When I created this char 3 yrs ago.. I named my char after how I felt at the time.. a time where I was lost, dazed and confused about life…

Fiore Bocia~ my necro-thief
It’s actually supposed to be Fiora Bacio.. which Fiora means flower and Bacio means kiss in Italian.. but I decided to switch the letters around and attempt to be unique hahaha

Babey~ my fisher-carto
I’ve been called Babey all my life, I’m the youngest of all my bro’s and sis’s.. that char is also 3 yrs old..

Lia Alannah~ my dexxor
Lia means brings light to those around her and Alannah just sounded good with it.. I like all those A’s!! lalalalalala!

Kayleigh Dawne
May 22/04

Kayleigh Dawne- I got the name Kayleigh from an obscure 80s song by an off the wall band named Marillion. I always liked the song and also the name. I always like to give my characters last names, and just tried to choose a soft sounding last name.

Nadine Dawne- I had a roleplay set up for Kayleigh’s background, her mother’s name was Nadine…the UO character was born much later when i decided to make a tamer.

Xarst Feldryn- This name started out as Xarst in the original NWN game way back when. The name was made by my brother who just thought it would be funny to have a name that was difficult to type, and not too many people had names starting with X. The name morph’d into Nor-Xarst. Some of you remember back before guildstones…when there were no tags. Many people would signify their guild by putting the guild abbrev in their names. Not too long later, I left that guild and had to wait a good long time until the name change option came in effect to get rid of that guild tag. Might have been easier to just remake the char, but what did I know? The last name I forged by scrambling different letters around until I found a last name that fit the character.

May 23/04

Diocletian– I wanted a bad@$$ name for a pvper… this was the very first character I started on UO. Diocletian was a 3rd century Roman emperor who ruthlessly persecuted Christians. Why in God’s name, then, would I of all people choose Diocletian as a character? Well, he was a ruthless mofo, but in my version, this guy has found redemption and turned his life around (kinda like St. Paul); now he is a ruthless force for good (basically to slaughter anybody who tries to get in SI’s way!) Errr… and finally, you gotta admit, Diocletian (pronounced Die – oh – klee – shan) is a pretty bad@$$ sounding name too! OK OK!!! So maybe I have a darkside too! At least I can admit it! whew!

Crucifer– Was my first mage, now a necro mage (there’s that damned darkside again). Actually, Crucifer comes from “crucis” which means “cross” and “cipher” which mean “bearer”. I have a very strong devotion to the cross, so Crucifer means “bearer of the cross”… that’s me!

Iron John– as if you could find a better name for a mule/miner/smithy! Ha! Iron John is the wild-man in the Hans Kristian Andresen story Iron John. I think the wild-man’s energy is da bomb!

Arwen the Lovely– I luv the name Arwen. And I luv Liv Tyler playing Arwen in the Lord of the Rings. Guys, can I get an amen?!!!! Anyways, I wasn’t gonna call her Arwen the Ugly (duh!) or Arwen the Sexy (that goes without saying), so I figured “the Lovely” was pretty tame for a tamer.

Tiama of Apsu– one of the gods in the ancient Babylonian creation myth called the Enuma Elish. Tiamat is a pretty smakin’ sounding name for an necro-archer chick, eh?

chula– I didn’t name her… dez’s girlfriend did… I got the account from her.

Uma Astarte– gotta luv Uma Thurman and the name Uma sounds pretty badd@$$ too, no? Astarte is the ancient near eastern fertility goddess and also goddess of war. Figured Yahweh would offend some Jewish players and the name fits my primary mage, who after my account gets unbanned (doh!) will be nastier than ever.

Olive Garden– my cook… “Denny’s” or “Waffle House” didn’t sound quite right.

SpongeBob– my thief… Hell… who doesn’t love SpongeBob!!!!! OZZY… HELP ME OUT ON THIS ONE BRO!…. and think about it, the name fits a thief… Sponge = something that draws away = kinda like a thief. Bob = Bob. Anyways, any nooblet that lets a character named SpongeBob rip him/her off should be perma banned anyways!

Neira– One day I have the dream of going to an undead spawn with her on a skeleton dragon before the “real” champ shows up… and freakin’ out the nooblet spawners… this screenshot in itself would be worth 3 +25 stat scrolls, no?

May 24/04

CONAN—— Well some of you know Im a bodybuilder and for those who dont you do now. Ive read evrything Arnold has ever published on this subject and am a big fan of him. This was my first charecter name so he is 6 years old

Zaknafein——-Well we have all seen the name Drizzt , great books and i read almost all of them have a few to go , Zaknafein was his dad and as good as Drizzt is his dad taught him and was better. The books started as drizzt as a baby and his dad training him and his dad ( Zak) was very highly respected and very honorable.

May 30/04

Captain Zork: For those that ever enjoyed hours and hours of fun playing the old text based Infocom games, you will certainly remember the Zork series. I figured that for all of enjoyment I got from them some sort of tribute was due and so, Captian Zork was born. (Originaly in ADnD format, tranfered to UO at the very beginning)

Black Stavros: From that same world of DnD, a friend of mine created a Ranger named Black Stavros. I thought. “Wow”, what a great name. So I stole it at the first opportunity. Thanks Kevin.

Gruble: Name of my DnD mage that was stuck on my by a friend of mine, Clark. He said my figure looked like a ‘Gruble’ and after that I was never able to shake it.

Godwin: Wow. My roots are in DnD. The name of my friend Stevens Paladin. Its a good strong name and I always liked it. Reborn in UO.

Cypher: I was Mentally working on building a T-Hunter and was debating what to call him. Cypher seemed a natural name for anyone that had to decode things. So Cypher it was.

OxyGen: This name was on an account I bought way back before they had ‘name changes’ (bought for the GM Fisherman, some of you may know his as ‘Q’.) I promptly stuck the mage into Factions and the rest is history.

Darkdrow: There were already 2 DD’s in SI, both reds and I thought it would be cool to have all our reds named the same. How confusing would it be if you were attacked by 10 or so Darkdrows? Anyways, we topped out at 3, the other 2 left shortly thereafter so it never really had a chance to take hold.

May 30/04

AphridieMisspelled (perposly) for the Goddess Aphrodite (nox mage but might not keep the poisoning)

RavynNamed after myself. Everyone calls me Ravyn in real life. (tamer)

MercuryMy only male char. who is a mule named cause mercury is a very interesting element.

KyKy Named after my cat that died when it was 17 years old I was 19 (t hunter/bard)

Beer GoddessCreated for P^G when I hung out with Skye (while she played) We had partied together quite often in rl and had played 3man on occasion. So we desided to make Beer chars. the beer group Beer Ninja, Beer Wench, Beer Hound, and Beer Goddess.

Reijki Kyouten
June 1/04

Reijki Kyouten*red Tank*: kinda dificult to explain this one… *pronounced :Rage-Key, Key-ou-ten* I used to play Yu-gi-Oh!(mind thee i switched ot playing Magic the Gathering) and one of my notoriously used cards was Raigeki *spell check that card players* which destroys all monsters on the opponent side of the field. i switched letters around and got that outta it. Kyouten was the result of watching G Gundam. i heard it multiple times and it sounded cool saying it….

Cleric of Lolth*blue Fencer*- If you’ve ever read the RA Salvatore books like the Legacy of the Drow or the Spider Queen Series, you’ll understand how Wicked and vile the Lolth priestesses were….. *they would murder the male kin of their family if they even looked them in the eye*

an underpaid peon*super mule in training*-meh, no idea

Razikiel*archer in training*- I remember tonk and coyote wehn i first started UO. He had one of his Chars with a similar name but this one makes me think of an archangel *complete with bow and arro nontheless*
Tonk and Coyote have always been an inspiration ^_^