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Archive for February, 2004

What makes SI different from DA

D*A is a guild made up of smaller guilds that spent the last 12-18 months griefing a group that would eventually become SI (Us). We faced the usual clenched fists in the air along with stick swinging and numerous proclimations that SI would not last past (enter any date here). As SI grew, certain members were unhappy with our direction and moved on (In some cases, SI was unhappy with there attitudes and moved them on) In most cases, these peeps went on to join the guilds that found their daily UO fun in griefing SI. After a time there were enough of these ex-SI’s in each of the groups to convince them all to join into a coalition, hence the “Deadly Alliance” was born. Now, here is where it gets confusing for most folks, Deadly Alliance is not just the “Reds” that spent all this time griefing us, its also all there blue PvM’s (Spawners, if you will) In effect, the ex-SI’s forced the griefing guilds ($c$, H2O, TT, 220, certain S^G members and whomever else) to become what they hated the most (Basicly a mini version of SI) I cannot express to you strongly enough the amount of mirth this situation has generated for us here in the SI community. Basicly, we find it very very funny. icon_smile.gif

All that said, there are significant difference’s, SI does strive to leave other spawners along (Moral compass). In fact, most of the peeps we have booted or otherwise sent on there way prefer to grief other innocent spawners (re: Not nice peeps). When SI attacks a blue spawn it is 90 percent of the time because we have detected an enemy presence at the spawn (One of the enemy red guilds spawning on there blue, for instance) The other 10 percent of the time its generally an accident. (not easy to undo) Of coarse D*A will jump up and down and point at that 10 percent and scream about how evil SI is, but the fact remains, SI does not intentionally attack other Blue spawn groups. D*A on the other hand has proclaimed all there spawns private (like us) and unlike us, they spend a considerable amount of there time hunting other spawn groups (SI is there favorite but we are not always available, (plus, we tend to knock them silly whenever they show up))

Its important to note that all SI ever wanted to do was spawn in peace. The reds that attacked us and the blues that griefed us have forced us to take up arms to defend that which is ours. Probably their biggest mistake was confusing us for a bunch of trammies, when the fact of the matter is that SI was seeded out of the TB Faction some 20 months ago, ie we were all a bunch of PvPers who never ventured to Trammel. Now of coarse, SI has a number of peeps that play on both sides of the border, but if you think that ‘Trammies’ cant PvP, think again. D*A’s (and the guilds that helped form them) biggest problem is that they equate PKing PvMers with there PK’s as being great at PvPing. Wrong. As for D*A, they could grow to be a great guild, probably even outnumber SI, time will tell.

I think that will do for now, I hope this clears things up for you,

Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc