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The Rise and Fall of the Dark Alliance [D*A ]

The Rise and Fall of the Dark Alliance [D*A ]

This little tale has its beginnings a little over 16 months ago when a little group of malcontents named “H2O” (HardtoOvercome) decided to betray the spawning community that would come to be known as Spawners INC. Now at this time, there was no “SI” guild, just a group of happy spawners (of which the ‘guild’ H2O was apart of). The H2Oers that spawned with SI were known as Gleam, TommyGuy, Punisher, Keeper, Fizbin, Lord Phule and Phyraxian. Some were trusted members of the group, others were mere ‘hangers on’. The betrayal was simple enough, we were setting up to spawn the Harrower when a small fight broke out between an H2O member (Punisher) and an SI member (Venom) Well, before you could say ‘What’s going on…’ H2O left the mapgroup and started hunting us at the spawn, they knew how we set up and the name of the protector, so, with little effort they managed to break in, kill the protector and make off with most of the PS’s from that particular Harrower. From then on H2O attacked and spawns on site, (SI’s there or not) this continued for about 2 months until H2O basicly withered away. Coinciding with the demise of H2O was the formation of the Cartel $c$. ((Dont ask me why this particular group always picks goofy tags, I’m sure you can guess what I am thinking – Currently they are parading around as :[ (Trammel Rangers)) We commenly refered to this Group as ‘Killians Crew’ and it was made up of Killian, Souless, Alkey, Dark Messiah, Leper Masiah, Mystra, Sandman, Six Feet Under, ill Bunted, Therin and Ursala (sorry for those I missed). The Cartel was basicly a bunch of red PvPs in battle armour that thought killing PvMers dressed in luck suits made them leet. Sadly, they were not really very effective at killing blue PvM’ers with 30 resist suits, and so, the battle was on. (This failure to kill was originally blamed on the ‘Lances’ dismount attack, but now they have decided that, it fact, its the bola’s fault) Around May of last year (2003) Moonshine and Fabian suggested that their friends in $c$ should join SI. On the surface, it was a great idea, SI’s could spawn and the Cartel could defend. Unfortunately, not all SI’s (Nor Cartels for that matter) saw this as a great idea and after a couple of failed attempts to recruit some of there members (Dark Messiah and Souless) things once again became heated between the groups. It was also around this time that Bishop was removed from SI, (Followed quickly by Breezie and Jax) and they all went off the Cartel’s way. Not so missed. In June of ’03 what should land on the SI recruitment desk but an application from a member of H2O. By this time, H2O had pretty much dried up and Dritz seemed to be the last known member on the entire shard. So, what the heck, we brought him in. (error) within 2 months time, Dritz had recruited himself some SI – H2O’s. (Dameon Lacoric, Dalmer, Essence, Flameon, Tiana and, unknown to us, Nature’s Call). Well, the first 5 and Drizt all promptly left SI and formed up under H2O’s banner, then immediatly started attacking SI Spawn sites (and any others they could find) Good news for us, H2O and $c$ did not exactly love each other and could be found fighting each other as much as they fought us.

Coinciding with the Dritz recruitment in June of ’03 was the realization by M/D (Digitalis and Arch) that while they ‘ruled’ Factions (Like being King of the Moon) As far as PvP in Fel went, they were on the outside looking in. All of the PvP action in Fel had moved from Factions to Spawns and SI was hip deep in the middle. (soon to be neck deep). Let me tell you, you have not been stalked until Digitalis has stalked you. He lived at the SC house (Spawners Central) and at one time, actually tried placing a boat there with a communications device onboard so that he could keep tabs on our commings and goings, (No idea how that worked out for him). Over time it seemed like we could go nowhere without Digi showing up 5 mins later. The SI/Digi love affair continued until just past Christmas when someone, I’m not sure who, told Digi about AoS, Malas, the Guantlet and Artifacts. (We have not seen him in Fel since, though, like Bigfoot, there have been unconfirmed sightings)

–Time passes–

Between June and December of ’03 SI continuted to spawn and create alliances accross the shard, H2O, $c$ and M/D continued to attack us whenever the opportunity arose. (Which seemed to be quite often)

–December ’03–

After failing to get Silk recruited into SI, Moonshine leaves the group. Three days later D*A is born. While Moonshine now claims to have nothing to do with the formation of the “Deadly Alliance”, the vast number of ex-SI’s that were onboard suggests otherwise. Mapets I had not seen in ages seemed to crawl out of the woodwork to join D*A in a push to wipe SI off of the Baja Shard 4Ever. (Phyraxian (H2O) Will Avengem, Breezie, JonMicheal even Keeper, Phule and Fizbin came out of retirment to join this great undertaking). Not only did H2O and $c$ join forces to form a new guild (D*A) they formed an alliance with M/D to aid them in our destruction. ((Natures Call also leaves SI, 1 Minute later (Might have been 30 seconds, hard to tell as my stopwatch was not handy) NC joins D*A, nice of them to take in our former members.))

Ok, 3 things here that should have signaled to someone that DA was doomed.

1st. DA does a Harrower, does not invite M/D and when M/D shows up they PK them early and often. (Ooops)
2nd. $c$ disolves its guild to join DA. H2O simply sends some members over but keeps the stone intact, H2O guild continues to exist. (Double Ooops)
3rd. Sorry, to damn many backstabbers and drama queens in one group.
(Ooops again)

Of coarse, all of SI was impressed that so many peeps that hated each other so deeply were able to put aside there personal feelings to focus on our destruction. For us though, it was just another challenge to be met and overcome. Dealing with the new ‘threat’ was easy enough, we simply scaled back the number of spawns we did per day and increased the number of PvPers that would help to defend each spawn, additionally, we deployed out own PK’s to attack their spawns (nothing but fun for SI’s icon_smile.gif ). Then we sat back and waited for D*A to implode. Now here, I have to be honest, most SI’s were thinking a week or two (Myself amoung them, though I did think that a month would be amazing) In the end though, DA survived deep into Febuary early March of ’04 before the wheels fell off. If you were to ask D*A why they formed, it was to stop SI ‘Greed’ and protect the rest of the shard from our roving PKers. (Most of our ‘Roving’ PKers left with Dritz) as for ‘Greed’.. why again did DA break up. Oh yeah. Greed. DA found out just how hard it is to administer fairly for a large group of disperse personalities. Not so easy, huh? DA broke up because a group within their group (H20 – Gasp!) decided that they would spawn the harrower on their own (using group assets of coarse) and they would keep the PS’s for themselves. Certainly there were other reasons for the break up, both groups did, after all, hate each other from day one.

So, here we are 4 months after the original formation of DA, (Now broken up into H2O, 220 and :[, where :[ = $c$/The Cartel. Sadly, it seems as if someone has taken over the $c$ tag, though, I heard u can buy it at skymall for 10 million GP icon_smile.gif )

Please remember, this is just one persons rather detailed analysis of the events surrounding the formation and subsequent destruction of the “The Deadly Alliance” By SI and allies – E/S, M!S, GHT, C@S, cMc, B*H, LoW, Q_Q, xFU.

PS: Dear D*A:

Next time you want to form a group to deal with evil SI, dont attack innocent spawns as you did to all of the above groups. Its called ‘biting off more then you can chew’ kind of like when you attacked M/D (whoops)

Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc