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SI Firsts

SI Firsts:

The first time I killed Digi…. Laughing

The last time I killed myself… Shocked

They tried to gank me, but….. Twisted Evil

The first time I saw Cypher…. Wink

Love at first UO chat…. Very Happy

The bastards tried to hack me but…. Evil or Very Mad

The day I entered school…. Embarassed

The day I taught school…. Twisted Evil




The very first time I killed Digitalis was when I was in Ministry of Pain (-+-, MINAX). Digi was a noob then with no PvP skills. I would go out and gate hop late at night by myself. One night, I saw Digitalis (SL) pop out of the trinsic gate.. I was using DPed kat during those days so I hit him and got him poisoned. I disarmed my kat and wielded by Large battle axe and took him down with one smooth hit. HEHE.. He was saying OoOOOOooOOOoOOo. Yep.. he was still trash talking even as a ghost. How sad eh! hehe
Oh! I used that same tactic on EL Fiziban (H20, TB) too few days later. I was at brit gate with two other Minax buds when Fiziban poped out. He killed one Minax friend instantly and ran off when other Minax mage poisoned him. I rezed the dead friend and went after Fizbin. By the time I got to my other friend, he died to Fizbin. Yep he was looting him and trash talking to me at the same time. So I dped him and the idiot didnt cure himself but still trash talking about how he was going to kill me after he was done looting. I disarmed my kat and switched to my Large Battle Axe and I hit him. I remember him saying “WTF” since his life was half gone. I then hit him again and he was DEAD!!! ROFL. Moral of the story is never under estimate your enemy!! Twisted Evil . I got only one faction point from killing Digi the noob but Fiziban gave me friggin FIVE points.. Wooot..


First time I saw Cypher…

Well the very first time when I saw Cypher was when I was in True Brits faction little over 3yrs ago.. I was a new GI recruit (Mikas) and he was using his Oxygen character then.. He said hi to me only once Sad when I was introduced to rest of GIs before we raided the SLs in brit at a small tower in East of Brit road. Oxygen and rest of GIs never talked to me since I was the new person. Sad . Yep he was mean to me even then!! Sad Only ppl that were nice to me were Longshot (gm), Gravewalker and one other lady person. They kept rezing me, give me armors and weapons since I kept losing them. Few weeks after I met Cypher, most ppl in GI left UO to play another game. So I followed few GI’s to Minax to join REAPER’s Mininstry of Pain (-+-) since GI no longer existed. About six months later GM of -+- had to leave the game due to RL situation. He asked it’s guildmembers to put our chrs in OXY’s TB FFB guild if we had second account. So I contacted Oxygen and joined his TB FFB guild with Kyle Randborn. JINX, Sinn, Will Avengem, Phyrexian and few others joined TB as well from -+-.. Six months later, -+- guild dissolved and rest of Ministry members went over to CoM.

When I joined Oxy’s FFB, it was a small guild with few members and not everyone played UO when Oxy or I was on. So, Cypher would icq me and ask me if I wanted to go OJ hunting with him. My few early experience hunting with Cypher was not pleasant since he was a MAD, SUICIDAL and RAMBO-sytle PvPer. Yep all these years and he still haven’t changed. Shocked He will Icq me and say.. “hey you want to go and kill some OJs? Come to this moongate now. I am there fighting.” Of course I am thinking sure we can gank that one OJ. But when I get there, there would be like 6-10 OJs and he wants to take on all of them with two of us.. Yep.. I died ALOT because of him.. Since he liked KOmakazie style of PvPing too much, I stopped hunting with him period. But that didnt last since I stayed thought 2nd generation of GI guild, TZM and now SI and he got me killed few million times more. Shocked hehe… But the bottom line is that he sure kept this game exciting for me to stay on and play every night after a long day at work.. Very Happy

Thanks Oxy! Smile




Hmmmm, I dont have so much of a good memory but the time i first saw Cypher (Oxy) it might of not been his first time he saw me (my brother and i shared accounts/comp). I remember i saw him as a leader and a great pvper.
It started when i was running around fel brit thru ent of TB faction base when i saw Otto (great guy who is well missed and respected). I as a trammy wanted to get into pvp. Had no clues to what anything to do with faction was nor how to pvp. Otto pointed me to CY, so i went up to him and told him i wanted to join. He took me in no questions asked. He was (and still is) a nice guy but to me i saw him as someone you dont want to bother too much. Like you would just say hello and stand by him looking up as if i was a kid looking at a tall stranger Razz.

That right there turned my uo life around 100%.
I use to be a TRAMMY rare collector who would go to to fel yew gate and stay hidden ready to leave when they had those huge battles.
Then i was one of those running around out there fighting. I had no clue where i was going nor who i was attacking and seem to get lost or look around and not see any friends around but it was fun.

I owe alot to Cypher, He was the first to ever teach me how to pvp and i would just run from him and hide Shocked He told me what to do and spent time showing me safe spots to raid. He got me into the UOAM trusing me when he didnt really know me. He also was the one to introduce me to alot of wonderfull people who are still in SI now before there was even an SI guild stone.



The First Time I saw Cypher…..

He stole my bola!



Since you all know I am GM at dying (okey legendary) … I can tell you one silly story about when I was at my first guild spawn.. I was soo nervous because I had never done one before and sooo much has changed since the day of teleport rings and things… So here I was, in a new guild and barely knew anyone (still getting to know a few of you) and I’m actually quite shy so I wouldn’t ask questions I would just do tupid things.. one of the tupid things was casting an ev and for whatever reason I dbl clk’d the ev.. and I died! How embarrassing is it to walk up to your mentor for a rez when you killed yourself?? (oh and totally forget your on a peace bard~ tupidity tupidity tupidity!)

I still pray that there was soo much going on that no one noticed… but then again I just spilled the beans.. *shakes head* I blame the oxycodon they put me on! It’s quite the truth syrum.. so I think I am gonna finish this post before I tell more!


Here’s another noob story…

When test seige came out.. of course i went and created a char… I ran around with my bf at the time and we usually stayed in yew defending ourselves.. after a few months after real seige came out, everybody was bringing their guilds onto sp and I can’t really remember the guild but my very first “pk” was while we were sailing.. I saw a man on a boat who was obviously afk.. and i just started killing him.. my bf in shock! After the guy came back and realized he was dead, we had stole his boat and was taking it back to dock.. hehehe.. apparently this guy (non tagged) was part of a very big guild and was waiting for us in trinny.. The whole thing was an adrenaline rush… boats didn’t come easy on sp (very expensive back then) we fought for 6 hrs on that boat, they couldn’t get the boat back because we left a ghost on it and they left a ghost on it.. I had at least 30 people REALLY PISSED OFF AT ME.. and we kept on fighting until server came up.. it was a tie for the guild and us when we got back on.. but it seemed like the whole shard was there and unfortunately they got their boat back Evil or Very Mad
well the next few months wasn’t easy *giggles* but finally everything calmed down… I later joined a pk guild and was the bride of the first sp wedding.. then quit for awhile and when I came back- the guild was broke up so I joined another R/P pk guild called UDL, my friend from Catskills~ the one who actually made me come from cats to seige made me a slave in the guild.. and from that point on I was red and loved it.. UDL moved on to shadowbane and I quit that summer and that was the last time I played up till now… brief history of pk’ing



My noob moment…

getting OWNED by a dog in yew…

…that was humbling…and also my first char before i found out how to fine tune a char was

80 Swords 40 Anat 100 Tactics 79 Item Id 80 Tracking….

and also remember this was 5 years ago so actually getting a GM meant something…



ok heres my newb experience. i started playing right before t2a came out on the pacific shard, well i had no problem creating characters i made a tamer first went to the brit cemetary and started taming after about 20 mins i saw two guys so i went up to them and said hi they promptly killed me.

i had no idea how to res or that you could res so i logged off that guy and started a new guy. went to the brit bank and saw all these bodies(anyone who was around back in the day will tell you that people were dropping at the banks like flys) well i thought when i dbl click these guys i get a window i can pick stuff up, so i looted like 3 guys i quessed later these must of been thiefs cause i didnt flag not that i even had a clue what that was at the time,well the forth guy i looted was not a thief and all of a sudden guards came and killed me

char#2 down so i started another guy i was walking from one side of brit to the other completely lost when two guys came up, one comes up to me then above his head pops *so and so has stolen from you you may now attack him* well after about the third time i get this message i attack him and am promptly killed by the guards. i guess he was just typing that above his head lol

#3 down i make another character go out of town cause by now i know brit is dangerous well i see a great hart and think well a deer they cant be hard right??? so i attack it and dc by the time i get back im in the damn ghost robes again grrrr

#4 down well this time im learning this last guy is gonna be ok i think so i make another ranger and look at the maps that came in the box and see theres a ranger guild in skara well if im gonna live i better join with others. so i walk to skara yes walk cause what the heck is recall anyway after like 30 mins i get there. and lucky me there is a real ranger guild behind the npc ranger guild in a sm house well nother stroke of luck i meet a guy from that guild and he recruits me but im not in till the gm is on. he also gives me tons of stuff armour bone weaps
i think im the best dressed on pac in my bone armour i run back to brit to stand in front of the bank i find out that if i pick up bags and stuff people drop i can sell then at the provisioner shop well now i know im getting good. and some one drops this sweet looking crate well damn i pick it up and open it bam poisoned and dead

#5 down i try to delete a guy to make a new one but the game tells me i have to wait so i go to hokuto which is my next best con and the rest is history lol WHAT A NEWB I WAS.


Reikji Kyouten:

mmm.. my Favorite ones…

Joining SI!!!!!

and my other one is a couple weeks ago when we had that big Engagement at Fire dungeon when we killed Phule when he was gaining resists. I was the only one in T2A gathering myself from a 2 on 1 gank, i went to get my regs, suprisingly they were still there. Im hearing over voice Doc co co bai was running through to t2a. i Fruck out for a sec and then came to my senses. i precasted a Wall of stone and ran my self in there to see Co co Bai running from Pali and a few others. I bolted past co co bai and stopped as soon as pali and the others got to me and let my wall go right in front of co co. ^_^ Stuck and no where to run.


Ashen Sugar:

Aighty, I got a noobler spawning moment… so I´m new to the spawning scene just being brought in by DarkDrow… so I go to a Lord Oaks spawn in the middle of the fairies and the other thingies…Having the title as Dread Lord I get worked by like 20 flying woman fairy things. I´m all pissed off asking what the crap happend. Then somebody tells me that having a bad title fighting Oaks is bad. I think it was like my 3rd spawn in total.



Oki I will go with “They tryed to gank me but…”
Back in the days of Bux Den being active all day everyday, I ran around with my lovly thief Beer Goddess. Same thing all the time i steal and let them kill me just to have something to do. Well some people (won’t name them for 2 reasons rude and i can’t remember) were trash taslking about how I was the easiest thief to kill that I was no good. So I challenged one to a duel. I armed a kyrss (resently stolen) just for kicks. He flagged on me and i took my time healing myself up and targeting his weapon. Finally I got to work and disarmed myself the proceeding to disarm him steal his weapon and kill him WITH his weapon. Everyone around (being his friend or something) desided to kill me for it. So I ran. Dismounted my horse and hid. Started stealthing around while they were casting reveal on my horse. Finally banked his weapon and came back to taunt. By this time he had got another better weapon and this time attacked me without consent lol. So again i disarm steal and kill him. And again everyone deside to chase me down. So i banked 2 weapons (one being a vanquish).

EM Joust

On May 23/04 the amazing people from the Event Moderators Crew (Ozzy, Tara, Jessica, and newbie-Myst) put on the second ever jousting tourney for SI. The competitors were looking fierce in equipment supplied by Tara’s Provisions Inc. (a large non-profit org helping all SIs). One person looked especially stunning- Cypher was very pretty in pink. Twisted Evil (Ozzy and Myst dressed him.)

The nine people that were brave enough to join in on the fun of being slammed off your horse while it’s running at full tilt, were defending champion Slay (Corid), Magic Nookie, Ardeth, Palindrome, Artemis, Dragon Wind (Mad Martigan), Eimi (Athena Star), Godwin (Cypher), and Miliardo (Jei). All contestants played hard and kept to the rules that had been outlined by the awesome referree, Ozzy.

First round- Palindrome and Artemis charge fearlessly:

Second round- Ardeth and Palindrome bear down on each other:

Third round- Miliardo and Palindrome once more dig deep for courage:

Fourth and final round!- Palindrome versus the defending champion Slay:

When the dust had settled, and the contestants had picked themselves outta the dust, there was one that emerged victorious- PALINDROME!!

1st place- Palindrome, 2nd place- Slay (Corid), 3rd place- Miliardo (Jei) picking up their hard-earned gold:

Congratulations to all the participants!!!! Fun was had by all Very Happy