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Killrans Story

Hi Folks,

Just thought I would take a minute and reflect on some things at my 6-month SI anniversary. As a preface, I was ready to quit UO at the end of last year. I had been playing since 1999, mostly a fisherman, crafters and a lich-killer, and was ready to quit. I read about spawns on Stratics and decided to go find one and see what they were all about. Fortunately I ran into Tara and not Soulless, and Tara took the time to tell me about spawns and mentioned SI. I had never joined a guild and had no intention of joining one, but it sounded interesting. Later that night I asked my UO next-door neighbor of many years Silver about SI (she was also in SI, and has unfortunately recently disappeared from the game.)

Well not knowing what to expect (and ready to quit the game altogether) I applied and was accepted into the Recruit program. I died, a lot. But was truly blown away by the generosity and good fellowship of SI. I made it through and with six months of active SI membership have the following observations…

SI are good people. It is rare in life much less an online community to find such a great group of people. Without exception I can say that every person I have met in SI would be someone I would happily count as a friend.

SI is a large group. I have a great respect for Cy and the folks that freely donate the (often great amount of) time it takes to keep SI humming along. I know from experience how hard it is to keep a large and diverse group on point, keep folks working together, and most importantly, keep it fun for everyone.

UO in a guild is a whole different game than UO without a guild. I don’t know how I lasted so long unguilded, perhaps the mindless mining of ingots for hours was a good escape from the more hectic aspects of life. I do know that I am enjoying UO more than I did even the very first day back in 1999. I am not sure if it is being able to share in the fun with others or the confidence that comes with being able to count on your guildmates at any time and anywhere. I do know tackling a Pain spawn with a bunch of guildmates while under attack by a hostile guild is a LOT more fun than mining ingots (or fishing up MIBs for that matter.)

Spawns are fun, PvP can be fun. Six months ago I had never spawned and had been to Fellucca once (ok, maybe twice.) I had no idea how to PVP, and my PvM skill were pretty pathetic as well. I had never done a quest, and had no idea what a virtue gump was. Well SI certainly changed all that – after learning quickly that if you are not dying once in a while you’re missing out, I have discovered a whole new UO. The PvP classes have given me confidence fighting others, the RC process skills fighting more and more powerful creatures than I could have ever gained on my own. Now when I see an enemy Red or a group of liches I jump in with a “Huzzah!” (sure beats running away or standing there waiting to die Smile )

Did I mention SI are good people?

So, to sum it up, thanks. Thanks for making UO fun again. Thanks for the friendship, the boundless generosity, the sharing of wisdom, the great comraderie.

By Killran of SI

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