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If RL was like UO

I could just lock down & change the security on things I didn’t want my toddler to get into. — Ditzy Chick

Mercs Story

I played LS for 4 yrs and after a friend of mine got hacked (his house my contents) I was like why bother? Besides I was bored out of my mind then a friend told me to come to Baja so I thought, what the heck, after getting my 1st char all gm’d here some ppl I met like Midian and Angelina said join SI.. I had never spawned before and HATED reds with a passion.. But I thought ok I will try this.. my first spawn I wasn’t even in recruitment process I just went to see if I would like it ..first thing that happened was I got killed by a SI red .. and I laughed first time for that too getting pk’d and laughing did I mention I HATED reds heheh.. But I had a great time spawning .. So I decided to put in my application .. Everyone was awesome I have never met so many wonderful ppl on this game Even Cy (though he had me scared to death of him for several months).. LOL… But now almost a year later I am on the RC . Council and still having the best time in my 5 yrs of UO life…


Mercedes -SI Council

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