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For those that have not heard the tale…

Back in the day, before publish 16 (Spawns and champs), the founding members of SI all played Factions (True Brits). However, once spawns started we left Factions and started building what has become the SI Community. Since those humble beginnings we have accepted members from all factions (SL/CoM/Minax and TB) into SI without malice as it was our intent to stay out of factions and avoid the problems that occur when guildmates are on opposite sides of any war. Despite the fact that SI was no longer in factions, M&D (of SL Fame) thought it would be fun to grief our spawns. Their normal tactic would be to show up on their blue faction peeps and flag ‘grey’, our EV’s would then attack them, thus turning our mages ‘grey’, they would then pounce on our mages. Usually our guys wore lrc or luck suits with about 30-40 resists, hence they didn’t last long against pvpers equipped with pvp suits and the element of surprise. So, around June of ’03 word gets back to us that Arch is offering to leave us alone for 2 million GP per month. Our first thought was, “only 2 million?” Obviously Arch was out of the loop, as at the time, 25 stats were selling for 6 million a pop and oops, SI had a monopoly on them. Anyway, negotiations quickly fell through and 2 things happened: First, SI decided to start developing a pvp arm to deal with raids at our spawns and second, SI decided that if Arch was going to invade our spawns, we were going to invade his factions. More specifically we decided to take over the SL faction. This decision was not without ramification within SI as we did still have some peeps that felt ‘loyalty’ towards SL. Some long-time SI’s choose to leave SI rather then participate or in any way be a part of this plan, others chose to try to bring SI down from within. Fun, Fun, Fun. At any rate, we proceeded with our plan: any SI’s that wanted to joined the SL faction and when the next voting cycle came upon us, we voted in droves for our own candidate. Three days later, SL was ours.

As you can see in the above pic, SL was rather rich when we took them over. This does not count the millions and millions that existed within the treasuries of the individual cities.

This next pic illustrates how it didn’t take long for us to burn through their silver reserves. SI spent the next week buying cheap regs, boards, ore and bottles and were also kind enough to let everyone else on the shard know that there was a sale going on in Fel. We also sent word to Arch: Leave our spawns alone and we will let you be the Commanding Lord of the Shadowlords again. He agreed and it was some time before SL bothered our spawns again. Time does pass though, and believe it or not, they did start raiding us again. This time though, when we tried to take over the faction leadership, they fought back. They took counts on our guys trying to vote, and bribed Trammies to join SL and vote for them (Digi, as I recall, was running around the WBB offering free scrolls to those who would come vote for Arch). Some untagged SI’s took him up on his offer, and then turned around and voted for the SI candidate, life good. In the end, we managed to overpower them at the polling booth and once again won control of the Shadowlords. Seven days later Arch and company capitulated to our demands and have since rarely been seen at an SI spawn in Fel. Taa-daa.

More recently, (Oct ’04), EA finally stepped in and made some long-awaited faction changes. The change in sigil guarding (24-hour guard times reduced to a mere 10 hours) keyed SI to join factions. After much debate the TB faction was chosen, and in one felt swoop we took over every single city. It was a nice welcome-back gift, that is for certain. Since our early success we have hit a few bumps as SI’s become used to factions and the always-fun stat loss. For the most part, SI’s have put their ‘backup’ characters into factions, keeping their main pvpers in SI to deal with reds at our spawns. Currently (Jan ’05) SIf controls all the cities; we know we wont always have them, but we also know we can take them more often then not. Pretty good for a group of ‘Trammies’ (their word, not ours) using backup characters in used armor, held together with grit and teamwork.

Hope this sheds some light on the M&D/SI relationship.


Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc

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