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The Cartel folds and becomes [raar] and [A^I]

Hiya all

A couple of months ago we all logged on to see that The Cartel, [TcT], no longer existed, but rather a new guild, Pretty Little Dinosaurs, [raar], had risen up to take their place. Overnight the Cartel was turned from a powerful guild of over 300 members into a mini guild with fewer then 80 players. What happened this time? Well I’m sure that we will never be certain of the truth, we can certainly speculate that Souless was at the heart of their problems. One thing we do know of for sure is the results, there is now, once again, a guild on the shard called Insane Asylum, [I^A]. Some of you may recall this guild abbreviation first gained notice about 19 months ago shortly after Dameon, Dalmar, Drizzt, Essence and company parted ways with SI. Most of them joined I^A, but it was only for a short while as this guild was swallowed up by H2O and then, a few months later, they joined with the Cartel to become D*A. After the H2O/Cartel split (Break up of D*A) there was a slow progression of players from H2O into the ranks of the Cartel and soon H2O was a shadow of it former self. Fortunately H2O was saved by the EA character transfer program, but that is a story for another time… Needless to say the Cartel ranks soon swelled and by the summer of ’04 they had in excess of 320 members, could it last? We would soon see. In the months and weeks prior to the launch of UOSE the Cartel changed their guild abbreviation every week in some weird attempt to confuse the spawning groups on Baja. (That wasn’t us [36D] that attacked you that was [PvM], we hate them too… or, that wasn’t us [PvM] that attacked you, that was [\|/], we hate them too… or, that wasn’t us [TT] that attacked you, that was [pvp], we hate them too…) Believe it or not this actually went on from the early summer of ’04 until SE came out in November of that same year, thus ending the ability of guilds to make weekly guild abbreviation changes. Needless to say, we were well humored by their efforts to ‘hide’ their activities during this period. It was a like a game in SI, be the first SI to spot the Cartel’s new abbreviation. At any rate, by the end of the summer the Cartel had locked down any new recruitment and the death watch was on, Once again the Cartel surprised us, surviving right through to March of ’05 before the wheels finally gave way and the guild split into 2 parts. Currently [raar] sits at 200 members and [I^A] sits at 80. For the ‘most part’ the PLD’s (pretty little dinosaurs) booted out all of the PvM players so that they could be a ‘pure’ pvp guild again, ie the inside dope is that they felt they let in too many trammies during the great recruitment drive of ’04 and that this had somehow diluted there great pvp powers. Well, now [I^A] and [raar] hate each other (I think) they started out ‘fighting’, then they allied with each other, then when [raar] finally got their numbers back up over 150, they kissed the alliance with [I^A] goodbye. Lately they have been seen fighting but we have noticed that, at times, they will set aside their feud to focus on SI’s.

Interesting side note: The Cartel used to be the most feared PK guild on the shard, refusing to even let a blue into there guild. This brings us to [raar] who currently have, I’m sure, just as many blue griefers as they have red PK’s.

*Note to self, do not ally with [raar] they may betray you.

And so ends the ‘Cartel’, though I’m sure they will be reborn in some form down the line, heck, maybe the ‘real’ Cartel players are actually the members of [I^A]. Ha

Hope you enjoyed this little update,

Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc

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