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SI Enemies


For those new to the shard, or perhaps new to Felucca, one question you may ask yourself is this:

Should I be afraid of SI?

The simple answer is no.

SI will not attack any neutral group at a spawn site. So, unless you or your guild has been attacking SI you will be safe at any spawn site in Felucca.

SI does have a number of enemies:

The Cartel [TC]

In the summer of ’06 the Cartel left Baja to go and torment the Great Lakes shard. While I have not personally followed their adventure’s abroad, rumour has it that they have not fared all that well. Recently I heard that they were looking for another shard to harrass, and while I do not yet know where they are off to, I have seen a number of them back on Baja, faces such as Black Pete, and Souless (though not on that character) have showed up at a number of our spawns. At the moment, their numbers are not great and we easly send them to the cold embrace of death. Will this change soon? Time will tell.

Hate Inc [H8]

This pesky little guild popped up around the time that Cartel left Baja, perhaps they were around before but we just never saw them, personally I think they are made up from those Cartel left behind when the mother ship sailed off to Great Lakes. Either way, they have been an interesting foe, for while they do not have the numbers that Cartel possessed they all certainly seem to have excellent connections. :) Of note, recently H8 seems to have an inordinate amount of blues

True Bonghitters of Britannia [KGB] (Little Hate)

With TC off the shard, KGB finally ventured out from Yew and got to see how the other half lived. They occasionally show up in minor numbers and rarely effect the coarse of battle, still it is good to see them finally leave the Yew gate behind.

Hard to Overcome [H2O]

I can never tell if this guild is on the assent or if it is in the decline. Some days, every where you look, there seems to be another H20, and then on others there is not a one to be found. Currently I would rank them somewhere between H8 and KGB on the list of guilds to watch out for.

Crimson Twilight [CT]

That they are early morning players have me believing that they are an oriental guild. They frequently clash with our VAV, @@P and BS2 allies in the early morning hours while most of the shard still sleeps, or, in some cases, are just starting classes. They are defiantly a force to be reckoned with and the whole shard should be happy that they are rarely on during primetime.

The Misfits [M!S]

Mostly they can be found hanging out in Luna (read Trammel). Still they do occasionally come to Felucia looking for powerscrolls. They are one of the few guilds that come to Felucia, not to PK but to actually spawn. Sadly, SI and M!S had a falling out some time ago and time has not healed that rift.

Old Listing, left here to as memory to that which has passed

* Updated April/05

The Cartel [TC]

This guild was once part of the great ‘Deadly Alliance’, and since DA’s break-up, the Cartel has risen from the ashes to become the main PK guild on the shard. There old abbreviation was $c$ but when they joined DA they gave up their stone (oops). For a while during the summer and fall of ’04, Cartel changed its guild abbreviation every week and sported everything from 36D to PVM to 1v1 etc. etc. etc. Each week there was a different guild abbreviation floating over there little heads, heck, we were about to start a pool on what they would be called next week when UOSE came out and locked down guild abbreviations.

*Now Known as Pretty Little Dinosaurs [raar]. In March 05 the Cartel decided there were to many ‘Trammies’ in their PK guild and decided to burn the stone and rebuild from square one (is there a pun in there?) Anyways, I digress, after they burned the [TC] stone they created [raar] and rebuilt it with hardcore PKers, in order to restore there waning dominance to the Baja shard.  Today, you will know when they are about to raid, first they show up with 2-3 blue tamers and other assorted spawners/pvpers and then, after they have killed any reds/greys in the area, they will bring in there reds to kill any remaining blues at the spawn.  Maybe they misread the definition of PK guild? At any rate, rest assured at times our boards are overloaded with jovial antidotes about their latest activities.

*Insane Asylum [I^A]

This aptly named guild is the final offshoot from what was once D*A. Way way way back when a number of malcontent SI’s left due to philosophical differences, they created/joined [I^A] which then folded itself into [H2O] which then became [D*A] which then broke back up into Cartel/H2O then the [H2O] faction known as [I^A] left [H2O] and joined Cartel. More recently (March 05) the Cartel had yet another falling out and booted everyone out of the guild vowing to return to there PK roots. Hence [I^A] was reborn.

Hard to Overcome [H2O]

This is the other half of the Deadly Alliance. No doubt whatever caused the break up of DA originated from within this group. While the Cartel gave up their guildstone and their $c$ tag (the stone was once seen for sale at Skymall for 10 million), and jumped wholeheartedly into the alliance, no such commitment came from H2O. This is a guild of back-stabbers if there ever was one. Twice, since the formation of SI, has H2O been with us and twice, have they betrayed us – usually at the worst possible time. After the break up of DA, H2O convinced cMc (Cast and Melee Crew), a former BAF (Baja Alliance Federation) member to join with them, presumably to wipe out SI and what was left of the Cartel. A couple of weeks later, most of H2O headed to the Legends shard to stock up on artis so they could come back and wipe us all out. This left their new ‘ally’, cMc, behind on Baja to get eradicated; I don’t think any of them even leave the confines of the Haven bank anymore. Meanwhile, yes, H2O did arti up, and yes, they did return, and yes, they gave us gazillions in insurance – all from Legends, I’m sure. At any rate, last I heard, H2O had returned to Legends, hopefully to get us some more gold. 

Cast and Melee Crew [cMc]

As stated above, this guild was seduced by H2O and can now be found panhandling for gold at the Haven bank. Sad but true.

Society of Gypsies [S^G]

This is the guild where the Cartel used to hide their blues so they could spawn without SI attacking them. Once we caught onto their game we attacked without mercy. It was very entertaining to hear them cry, “We are not in cartel!” The truth is that many were not. However, harboring fugitives (or in this case PK’s) still results in being added to the SI enemy list. This once proud guild fell from over 100 members to fewer then 25, while at the same time the Cartel numbers seemed to grow and grow. Coincidence? I think not.

Mean & Dirty [M&D] (Shadowlords faction)

Before there were factions, M&D was the primary PK guild on Baja. Since the beginning of factions, they have ruled SL. For a time, they stood unopposed as the supreme rulers of factions on Baja — of course, no one else played factions except a few members of S+M.

*Despite the ruthless rule of Archangel, this guild still seems to be held together, though, at times I’m sure its just Arch running 5 accounts on 5 different computers at the same time. But heh, what do I know. The latest drama within SL unfolded when Arch declared that all SL’s were either in [M&D] or you were KOS. Interesting way to lead, though I must say, someway, somehow [M&D] still rules SL, if not factions.

Slt and Malagents [S+M] (Most confused guild on Baja)

S+M was formed out of the merger of Slt and the Malagents, surely 2 of the most confused guilds on any shard. Make no mistake, this is a fine group of pvpers, they only lack direction and conviction; they faction hop, change allies at the drop of a hat, are PK’s one day and blue spawners the next. In short, do not turn your back on, or make alliances with these peeps.

*With the disappearance of JT they have finally melted down. Some say 1/2 went to Atlantic while the other 1/2 have been left to fend for themselves.

L%C (Not really sure what their guild name was)

This guild was on stratics bemoaning the sad state of pvp on, I believe, Napa. At any rate, they arrived on Baja wearing dark suits and riding swampies decked out in shadow armour. Pretty impressive all in all. I think they may have made it out of Yew a time or two, mostly just to die. At first I heard they were going it alone on Baja, but then they wanted to ally with SI because – and I think I’m quoting – Cartel was too ‘immature’. Ha. Anyway, I liked their GM well enough but they quickly fell in with the wrong crowd and, from what I heard, they were going to ally with the Cartel. However, it seems someone pulled the rug out from under them and they dispersed. Not sure what shard they went to next, Austin maybe? 

*Rumour has it this guild finally imploded with the leaders sacking the treasury on their way out the door.

True Bonghitters of Britannia [KGB]

A Yew guild if ever there was one. If we see them, we kill them and visa versa. Never had any dialog with their leaders, they just want to PK/pvp so all good.

No Mercy Ever [NME]

Another guild that you do not want to turn your back on. Give them credit though, they have been in CoM forever. While they don’t seem to have the patience or perhaps resources/planning to capture any cities, they are very good at pvp and will attack virtually any OJ they see – even those they say they are there to help.

Spawn and or associate with these guilds as you feel is best for you and yours. Be warned however, any guild seen spawning/pvping with the above guilds will be targeted by SI as an aggressor and will be raided.


Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc

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