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If RL was like UO

I want the word “young” over my head forever — Ditzy Chick


Rosco & Scally off on their first high seas adventure!

So SD tells Scally and I – “Lets go see if we can capture a pirate – I have this brand new boat with shiny new cannons to try out.” he says.

So we go the bulletin board on the floating docks and learn the location of the last sighting of one of the pirates – Loud Face Pallado. I put out a small old boat and Scally and I sail ahead to scout the location while SD brings his big ship. We soon find the pirate east of Jhelom. We started an attack of the orc crew. But I quickly learn that the pirates can fire on the old style boat and put it out of commission. I was soon in need of emergency repairs on my poor little boat. Scuttled in the water. Dang

SD though, arrived with his big boat and cannons right then, so Scally and I jump aboard and we loaded the cannons and made an approach. Guns fire – broadsides from both ships. Reload and fire again as fast as we can. “Come about” SD says and we can fire from the port side. We do that and now the pirates ship is damaged. But so are we.

We board his ship and attack. The remaining members of the pirates’ crew are cut down and only the pirate himself is left standing. He is a tough old bugger and doesn’t go down easily. We load grapeshot in the cannons and that helps to weaken him.

Finally he is redlined and SD gets a rope on him and he is captured. But not before he manages one last cannon shot and scuttles SD’s boat. Luckily SD had the foresight to put some repair supplies in the hold and an emergency repair was made. Slowly we limp west to Jhelom, with pieces of the boat falling off as we travel.

After a time consuming journey, with the pirate calling Scally all sorts of names along the way, we limp into the docks and Jhelom. Digging out lots of cloth and lumber we repair SD’s boat and put it back in pretty good condition, though still a little battle scarred.

Off we sail again for the floating docks to turn in the pirate and collect our bounty. They rejoice at the docks to see one more pirate in chains. $10,000 is our reware plus pieces to a new puzzle. Twas a battle to be remembered.

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