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If RL was like UO

No perma death!

I choose immortality. Whenever I do something a little too risky, just wander to a hospital in my ethreal state, and res. *hopes clean underware is blessed*
— J Lo

Join SI

Please note, you must Register on the SI Message Boards in order to post this Application, when doing so, please register with the name of the character you plan to play the most or wish to be known as.


Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc


If you have an interest in joining Spawners, Inc. then there are a few things which you’ll need to do:

  1. Become a registered member of these message boards.Make sure to register using the name of a character which you foresee using for most of your PvM activities. Spawner’s Inc. uses a program called UOAM(UO Auto Map) to coordinate it’s in-game activities, and our members log into this map using a username. This username ends up being the name that our members will recognize you by, regardless of whichever character you’re playing moment to moment. Because of this, it’s best to register here with the name of a character which you expect will represent ‘you’ most often during your playtime with the group.Also, if you find that you’re unable to register, it may be because you’re using an email address from a domain which provides ‘free’ email addresses, like Yahoo! or Hotmail. In an effort to curb the activities of people who are interested only in stirring up trouble within our forums, email addresses from these types of services are expressly forbidden during the registration process. Email address’s from Yahoo!, ICQ mail, Hotmail or MSN are currently disallowed, with other domains likely to be added to this list in the future. To register successfully, please use an email address which is tied directly to a physical-access internet service provider, like EarthLink, AOL or whomever your ISP is.

    If you’re still unable to register a username successfully, contact an SI member in game for assistance. Please be sure to provide as much useful information as possible to shorten the process and hasten successful registration.

  2. Familiarize yourself with our UOAM rules of conduct.Our group relies on the generosity of it’s members to provide a map server to coordinate our in-game activities. This UOAM server becomes one of the primary vehicles, along with these message boards, for our members to communicate with one another. Since these methods of communication are used by all of our members, and are essentially publicly available, we expect our members to conduct themselves with tact and maturity when using them. The UOAM rules of conduct help to outline what is considered acceptable use of that service by our members.
  3. Fill-out the Spawner’s Inc. application questionnaire.Please provide as much information as possible. We like to get to know our members and those who wish to join us. We only admit two to four new members per week in an effort to control our growth-rate and ensure that our members get to know new recruits. As such, the more information you’re able or willing to provide us the quicker our group can get to know you.
  4. Post the completed questionnaire into the ‘Spawner’s Inc. Recruitment’ forum.Once this post is made, it opens the door for our current membership to comment, in a publicly-viewable manner, on any prior knowledge or dealings they may have had with you in the past. This is simply a step in the process to weed out people who may have already disqualified themselves from potential membership via their actions, deeds or words in the past. If you’ve got a clean bill of health then no worries.
  5. Contact a current Spawners, Inc. member who’s in good standing and hunt with them awhile.If you don’t know any members of Spawner’s Inc., try looking at our roster first. You might actually know a few of them but just not realize it. You can check the current roster of Spawner’s Inc. by clicking on the ‘Members‘ button at the top of this screen & then viewing the details for the Spawner’s Inc. user group. They may include you in Spawner’s hunts, but unless they vouch for you expect violent opposition to your presence.
  6. Actively hunt with our members during your Recruit status.After a few hunts with our members, you’ll be granted full message board access. At that time you’ll have access to our UOAM map address and password(s) and be allowed to contribute to our groups overall direction.
  7. Participate in the community proactivelyWhen you’ve been giving full message board access, you will at that time be expected to adhere to all the rules stated within the Private Forum dedicated to them. Penalties exist for breaking them, so once you’re admitted, it’s your responsibility to know and adhere to them.

That about wraps it up. If you would like to join our group and don’t know any Spawners members, then simply post your recruitment questionnaire and hope for the best. However, knowing someone goes a long way towards membership.