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Harry Raid June 10/2011

So check this out, it’s about 8pm PST and Fromage shouts out that the Harry gate is up, so of course I run in to take a look and sure enough, Cartel has the Harry in the Nightmare level of Covetous. I run in too far, they trap and kill me, but good news. I only count three reds and a blue on the fake. So we gather our forces at the Guild house (Cy, From, Scally, Rosco, Angie, Ares, Az, Derf and SD) and head for the dungeon. Once there we encounter a pair of blue CoM. Well, enemy of our enemy and all that, we work with them and slowly but surely we press our advantage as more and more of them trickle in. We picked up Dark Rider just as we took the room. So there we are, in the middle of the room with the true and one unkillable tent. Then all of sudden, the tent is moved, so I guess TC had called a GM. Anyway, I figure what the heck, I will grab my disco and we can give this a try. Plus, we hear that a number of them are in Stat, courtesy of our new CoM friends. Anyway, we get the Harry down to about 1/4 before they show up to try to retake the room. They never really got a sniff as we not only took the harry down (28 scrolls) I went out and returned with four bags of sending and we scooped up all the gold. By this time Bo has shown up and we decide to make a big final push and chased them all the way into level one of Covetous. Once they went inside, we were all out of heat and we recalled off, victorious. :)

Just like old times.

Cypher, CEO Spawners Inc